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Male Armpit Fetish Community

We're Gay And Love Guys Armpits!

Keep those arms up high and them pits showin'!
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Welcome, to the Male Armpits Community! You some how have stumble upon us! We thank you! Come on in and take a look around. If you have a fetish for guy armpits, wether they be hairy or shave, dry or wet, smelly or unscented, and hopefully are a gay guy, Then you should join this group! Really!

This community feel free to express your wants and even needs for guy's armpits! They are a very hott thing! They can be tickled, licked, sucked on, shaved, yanked at, and used for sexual contact. You never know, you could meet a guy that you want here, willing to fufill your needs for the male armpits!