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Keep those arms up high and them pits showin'!

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tauntaun24 [May. 2nd, 2014|07:43 pm]

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I love looking at guys pit hair. I also love showing off mine. I can't stand it when guys shave their hair off.  Don't mind if it is trimmed, though. I have not trimmed my armpit hair since September. A few strands have grown up to four inches. Since it curls up with the other soft strands you really can't tell its that long.  I'm wearing a tank top now and there are a few of my hairs that can be seen even when my arms are down.

Anyone else feel like this?

Feel free to check out my blog...or my photos. :)
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"PIT STOP" [Feb. 6th, 2011|04:39 pm]

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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2010|09:24 am]
 My first contribution:

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Something i thought i'd share... [Dec. 19th, 2009|10:57 am]

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Some pics have to be shared! [Oct. 8th, 2009|09:47 pm]

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Love male pits! [Feb. 16th, 2009|10:34 am]

I love looking at a guy's unshaven pits!  The tuft of hair is almost pubic--very masculine and sexy.  My gif is my pit.
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Love dem pits!! [Jun. 5th, 2008|06:04 pm]

 Love dem pits!!  I started a community myself  pits_galor  its on my profile page  ..feel free to join and post any and all pics ya like  ..i'll be doin' the same!!  Thanks!
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Hairy Male Armpit Fetish [Sep. 12th, 2007|02:07 pm]
 Hey, for you dudes seeking or sharing your hairy armpits just hit me up.
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a couple of nice pits i found.. [Apr. 9th, 2007|05:00 pm]


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new comm! [Aug. 6th, 2006|12:33 pm]

I hope this is ok, I've created a new community called malepits, if you love guys' underarms etc, go join, I've made my first picture post, the only rule is, it's friends-locked, members only kind of community. :)

Malepits - Your Source For Everything Male Armpits

Join if you want, thank you.

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